Unglazed Stoneware

Unglazed Stoneware

Bizen Ware

Pronounced like “be Zen,” Bizen ware is ceramics the Japanese have been using for almost 1000 years. The authenticity and aesthetics of this stoneware are about embracing and appreciating imperfections and deeply connected to the history of wabi-sabi concept. 

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Featured Artist

Kiko Ando at Narutaki Kiln

One artist, two brands of Bizen ware. Kiko Ando explains why he created the lines of Kiko and Narutaki and his view on the core value the stoneware offers.

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Who said authentic can't be practical?

Because the bare texture of Bizen ware brings you plenty of benefits.

Hint: think better food and drink experience, creamier foam on your latte and beer, and happier flowers! Made with clay specifically from the Bizen region.

Pieces you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Every Bizen ware is one of a kind with its unique patterns. When you know the authenticity of your Bizen ware and its story behind it, the piece begins to have more meaning, purpose, and connection with you. We firmly believe that’s what makes Bizen ware something you’ll truly treasure.

Bizen ware and the artists, carefully selected for you.

Each Bizen ware artist has a different philosophy that reflects upon the work. That’s why we meet them in person and look at each of their pieces before bringing our collections to you.

Help us help you find the right pieces.​

We understand you want to make sure you absolutely love your Bizen ware, and so do we! Contact us if you have any questions about specific pieces or need a closer look at them. We are here to help you find the right one to add to your home.

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Wabi-sabi & Conscious living inspired by Bizen ware.

Not just a shop that sells the stoneware. We want Motsutou to be a place where you discover ways to live consciously in many aspects of your life, which we believe wabi-sabi is about. Inspired by Bizen ware and their creators, we are here to share with you our journey of pursuing the lifestyle.

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