Not ordinary ceramics.
It’s history, minimalism, and authenticity.


Bizen ware is a type of pottery that began in Bizen province in Japan. It is one of the Six Ancient kilns of Japan, and its origin goes back to the 6th century, and Japanese people have long used it since then.


Raw texture done by earth and fire.

What’s quite unique about Bizen ware is that by definition it uses no glaze.

Therefore when you hold a Bizen ware piece, the rustic texture you feel is the bare result of earth meeting fire, nothing else.



Bizen ware is not just handmade but also unglazed, which means any patterns and glosses you see are a result of firing in a kiln, made by ashes, straw, and charcoal. This makes each piece one of a kind. It also means the beauty in Bizen ware is not about uniformity and perfection but about appreciating its imperfections and differences.

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