We sure do! Please see our shipping and return page for more details.

Bizen ware doesn’t like rapid temperature change and we don’t recommend heating it up too hot as you can risk cracking. So please use with caution and in moderation if you decide to use it in a microwave as we can’t be responsible for any damage in this regard.

Transparently, some artists suggest not using a dishwasher as it can cause chips and cracks, while others say no problem. Of course, washing by hand would lower the risk of damaging the ceramics, and you’ll enjoy your Bizen ware for a longer period.

You can wash them with regular dish soap and air dry them. We don’t recommend bleach as it could damage the surface of the stoneware.

Direct fire will crack Bizen ware (trust us, we’ve tested it). Please kindly keep it out of your oven.

Yes. The more you use your Bizen ware, the smoother it gets. You may experience some unfamiliar sensation when you first use your metal utensils on Bizen ware, but this will change over time.

Glad you asked! All artists we currently work with reside in our local area, and we believe this is our biggest strength as a Bizen ware shop that bridges these artists with the world. We can meet them in person, ask about their beliefs as an artisan, and select pieces we feel would bring joy to you.

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