How to care for Bizen ware

While Bizen ware is made of iron-rich clay and sturdy, it does require some care if you want it to last like it’s meant to. Here are some tips we collected from our artists on how to care for Bizen ware.

How to wash

You can wash them with regular dish soap and air dry them. We don’t recommend bleach as it could damage the surface of the stoneware.

In a microwave

Bizen ware doesn’t like rapid temperature change, and we don’t recommend heating it up too hot as you can risk cracking. So please use with caution and in moderation at your own risk if you decide to use it in a microwave.

In a dishwasher

Transparently, some artists suggest not using a dishwasher as it could cause chips and cracks, while others say no problem. Of course, washing by hand would lower the risk of damaging the ceramics, and you’ll enjoy your Bizen ware for a longer period.

In an oven or direct heat

Direct fire will crack Bizen ware (trust us, we’ve tested it and it was tragic). Please kindly keep it out of your oven.

To keep the clean surface

Bizen ware is unglazed, which means its rough surface is exposed. Rinsing your Bizen ware before using prevents coffee stains and keeps it clean from fish and oily food. If you can soak it in water for 30 mins or so, even better!

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