What NOT to do in pursuit of mindfulness

You’ve probably been hearing the word “mindfulness” and “consciousness” in a lifestyle. It’s been a popular topic, hasn’t it? 

The conscious living is about extending your awareness and taking control of certain aspects of life instead of drifting through it. You pay attention to what, why, and how to your diet, environment, and all other aspects of your life.

The trend is understandable because many of us feel the need of changing things up around ourselves nowadays. These busy, but not- so-productive-for-mind-and-soul days filled with empty-calorie information we get flooded with. I, for one, try to achieve this lifestyle by taking small steps.

But today, I had a rebellious thought. What I often hear on the topic is “love yourself,” “keep a journal,” “live in a moment,” and the instruction goes on.They all make sense, and I want to follow them through…but isn’t everyone’s must-do list already long enough? 

If you were even slightly like me, life could quickly get overwhelming with things we have to do. Especially around this time of the year, having consciousness in life seems like an impossible task.

So, instead of adding more things we have to do, what if we switched our mindset and focused on what we DON’T have to do? For example:

(Instead of trying to love yourself so hard)
“I DON’T HAVE TO waste my energy on people who aren’t in my best interest.”

(Instead of trying to make time for reflecting on life)
“I DON’T HAVE TO work after lunch and get to walk outside for 30 minutes.”

(Instead of trying to be present at the moment)
“I DON’T HAVE TO carry around my phone everywhere I go because I’ll survive just fine without it.”

Somehow reframing makes a list much less intimidating. What do you think? There’s no cookiecutter way to pursue a lifestyle you desire. But I feel like how you have the mindset is crucial because if it’s not sustainable, it’s unachievable. What are some things you don’t have to do today?

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